About Us

The Eta Rho Chapter of Sigma Nu located on the campus of Western Kentucky University is one of the oldest and largest fraternities on the hill. With an active roster of 100+ members the Eta Rho Chapter is a very diverse and distinguished chapter. Since 1965 Sigma Nu has established a reputation of initiating WKU’s most respected undergraduate men. Becoming a Sigma Nu at Western Kentucky is more than just a 4 year college experience, but one that lasts a lifetime. Throughout history the brotherhood has maintained close relationships among alumni and active brothers. Which demonstrates a commitment to the Sigma Nu Fraternity.

Why Us?

Sigma Nu is an Honor fraternity. We are a fraternity, not a club, for men, not boys, based upon the Honor Principle, not expediency and situational ethics. So what can Sigma Nu do for you? The true answer is: you will get out of it what you put into it. For those who strive, Sigma Nu can:

  • Develop lifelong friendships and brotherhood.
  • Build a worldwide network of Sigma Nu connections.
  • Teach valuable business, interpersonal and social skills.
  • Develop leadership abilities and confidence.
  • Provide opportunities to give back to the community.
  • Help you become the best version of yourself.
  • Sigma Nu can give you a chance to get the most out of college.
  • To leave a legacy.

We are here to build a Rock Chapter: one of the top Sigma Nu fraternity chapters across the country. Imagine being a part of something great, something remarkable. The top leaders, social gentlemen, involved on campus, high academics, strong athletics, recruiting the best men on campus, and most importantly, a high sense of Honor. The premier men’s organization on campus. A genuine fraternity experience.

Q.What is the required GPA to rush Sigma Nu?

A. The current GPA to rush is 2.7 for high school graduates and a 2.5 for current college students, to be accepted for candidacy of Sigma Nu.


In the fall of 2010, the Eta Rho chapter house at 311 Alumni Avenue was completed after a year of construction. This new house, funded by donations, would be (and still is) the one of the most sup to date fraternity houses on the campus of WKU. Standing near the top of the hill, this 1.55 million dollar house is one of the nicest Sigma Nu facilities in the country. It has the distinction of being the only four story fraternity house on campus, as well sitting on privately owned property — something only one other fraternity house on campus has. The chapter house’s exterior was modeled after the old chapter house on 1311 College Street, which was the chapters home for many decades. The house was the second fraternity house constructed on the newly developing Greek Village. After Sigma Nu’s completion of their $1,550,000 in the Fall of 2010, they were soon followed by Sigma Chi’s $900,000 house in the Fall of 2012 and Pi Kappa Alpha’s $800,000 house in the Fall of 2013, all of which followed the completion of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter house which was completed a couple years before our own.

The chapter house holds a total of 16 brothers, with 12 individual rooms and two double rooms. Amenities include a state of the art communications system that is linked with the internet and cable systems of WKU, allowing the fastest internet connection in the state of Kentucky, a laundry room with top of the line washers and driers, camera security systems, back patio with grill and fire pit, alumni room, a chapter room filled with the rich history of Eta Rho, a fully furnished parlor room and common room, 9 individual bathrooms with 7 showers, study rooms, storage rooms, attached parking lot, and second floor balcony. Each door into the house and into each members room is affixed with a AAA security keypad that will admit keyless access to the house and rooms with the corresponding key code. Dotted throughout the house is nearly every composite photo since the fraternities inception in 1965.


What is your greatest hope for your son?

  1. He graduates
  2. He develops maturity and knowledge of the world
  3. He grows up happy and successful
  4. He enjoys his once-in-a-lifetime college experience
  5. He gives back to the community

What is your biggest fear for your son?

  1. He skips class or fails to keep up with academics
  2. He has a personal injury
  3. He gets into trouble with the law
  4. He mistreats others and shows disrespect to the community
  5. He squanders his college experience with alcohol or drugs

So Why Sigma nu?

If you can relate to any of these, then we strongly recommend you consider Sigma Nu. Our brotherhood rejects the popular image of a "frat guy" and tailors our system to produce "fraternity men." If and when your son decides to don the letters of Sigma Nu, he can walk on campus proudly knowing that he embodies a higher standard of excellence. He will associate with men who pride themselves on high GPAs, extensive campus leadership, and countless hours of community service. He can call upon a network of peers as well as thousands of alumni who share the same standards. Most importantly, whether he chooses to live there or not, the Sigma Nu chapter house will be a place to call home.

One of the most common parental concerns pertains to drugs and alcohol. While Sigma Nu encourages and often sponsors social events, we have zero tolerance for illegal behavior or reckless immaturity. Animal house behavior is for boys, Sigma Nu is for men. We also devote many of our resources to the risk reduction committee. An elected position in the house, the Risk Reduction chair oversees a committee of brothers whose sole purpose is to make sure fraternity events run smoothly.

What about after college? It may be hard to contemplate, but your son will graduate before you know it. However, his Sigma Nu legacy will persist. Every year we host an alumni homecoming event during which the active members witness first hand the life-long bonds of brotherhood. We meet alumni who have remained in touch with their brothers for decades after graduating. In fact, our property company consists of one such group of dedicated alumni who work with the brothers regularly to help maintain the house.

Please take the time to further explore our website and see if Sigma Nu is right for your son. Of course, if you would like to share any questions or concerns about Sigma Nu at WKU, please contact a member of the executive board.

If you have questions about the WKU Greek Community, be sure to contact Interfraternity Council.

For more information please visit: WKU Greeks



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